wholesale dinnerware sets for our meal

For all wholesale kitchen goods.When porridge has experience, it is necessary to boil it first and then simmer, so that the porridge boiled out is quick and thick. It has less damage to rice odor and it is fragrant. Cooking rice is also the reason. The fire is big and the cooked rice is fast and fragrant. The comparative advantages of IH rice cookers and traditional rice cookers came out.

First of all, wholesale dinnerware sets IH rice cookers are self-heating pots, high efficiency, high power, high power density, traditional rice cookers are transmitted through the chassis heat to the top of the pot, heating wholesale plates area determines the heating power is not too much, and Conduction to the pot will be discounted, so it takes longer heating time, taste is not good. On the other hand, because of the lack of a major fire process, rice absorbs and swells faster than IH.

There is the IH's high thermal efficiency. This is an absolute advantage in Japan. Have you ever seen a rice cooker manual that says how much electricity is needed to make a pot of rice and how much electric rice cookers do you use for a year's meal?

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